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GMFF Grant Helps Support Mental Health Education with NAMI


Did you know one in five teens can have a mental health condition? Many of these conditions go untreated due to the stigma surrounding mental health issues. NAMI is working to help educate teens and provide support.


With the support of GMFF grant funding, NAMI Waukesha presented its Ending the Silence program to over 200 Menomonee Falls High School Students. 


Presented during health class, Ending the Silence brings awareness to the early warning signs of mental health conditions and suicide in an effort to encourage people to seek early intervention. It also provides students with resources for finding help for themselves or friends. 


NAMI also educated over 60 staff members in suicide awareness and prevention and provided de-escalation strategies to help someone who might be having a mental health crisis. 




Mary Madden, Executive Director of NAMI Waukesha receiving the check at Ovation

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